It’s All About The COLOR

Professional printing presses, like the HP Indigo 3550 Digital Offset Printer that National Media Services uses, print in CMYK color mode. 

What that means is that the four primary colors, C= Cyan, M=Magenta, Y=Yellow and K=Key (Black) are used in varying intensities to give you glorious full color printing. What you see on a computer screen is RGB color mode. R=Red, G=Green and B=Blue. It mixes these three colors to achieve full color. The differences between the two can be striking, so always design your project in CMYK color mode. 

At National Media Services, we know the importance of color and our press operators use the utmost in care to make sure your project prints correctly. We don’t gang run your print with other orders, so your project’s color won’t be compromised. 

National Media Services is the only CD manufacturer that offers an actual physical press proof of your product so there is no guessing what it will look or sound like!